Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express Cat eyes Mascara review

Product Name: Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express Cat eyes Mascara

Weight/Price: 8ml varies I brought mine for £5

Made in: N/A

Where to buy: yesasia, ebay

Packaging: Plastic tube with comb application

Results: Lately i’ve been finding comb mascaras really effective for my lashes. I’ve been bugging Maybelline to bring this back to the European market. You may recognise the comb and packaging to be identical to “lash stylist” a few years ago. Applying several layers of mascara opens up my eyes and lashes stays put all day.

Price: 5/5

Quality: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 5/5


✓ great lift

✓ last all day



Would I re-purchase again? Yes!

7 responses to “Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express Cat eyes Mascara review

  1. thank you for the review. can you tell me about the consistency of this mascara? my HG is last stylist (which has been discontinued) and it is very wet but dries very fast (which I like)- is this the exact same dupe or slightly different?

    • Hello Rachel,

      it’s more of a matt consistency, have you tried the maybelline volume express turbo black? I would describe the finish very similar to that one

      • hmm, I’ll have to look into the turbo black. Is that your hg right now? I have very short thick stubborn stubby lashes, the only mascara (I think i’ve tried most of sephora and cvs’s mascaras by now) that’s held a curl for me is lash stylist. would you recommend turbo black for holding power? thank you so much for your reply! i really have no idea what to do about my eyelashes after my supply of lash stylist from ebay has depleted T___T

      • hypercurl is better for lasting curl and making my lashes look longer. volume turbo black has been discontinued too 😦 so sad maybelline discontinues the good ones. I like turbo black with shiesideo base coat makes them look thicker and fuller.
        I think you might can find hypercurl for around £5 on ebay I made my friend stock up for me when she was on holiday in thailand.

        If you can’t find any hypercurls, give shiesideo base coat mascara a try with any mascaras looks miles better and holds all day.

        my current HG is hypercurl

      • funny that. my cvs website shows turbo black available but i don’t think the states carry hypercurl. i’ll look into the shiesideo base (never used a base before… probly should’ve considered doing that heh). maybe i can try my lash stylist brush with turbo black XD. thank you for your advice!

    • oh man, these makeup companies *shakes head* don’t know what they are thinking discontinuing and changing products -.-;;
      yup, that’s the one on my cvs website. i think it’s cheaper off amazon bc of the free shipping though XD~

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