The Fitbit zip – the wireless activity tracker

Ever since the end of last year constantly being ill with viral infections, enough was enough. My immune system was so weak I would become ill every 2 months. Getting fitter and taking vitamins was one step; I have been doing high intensity cardio for the last 7 months and haven’t had a viral infection since.


I wanted to track my daily activities sitting at a desk for 8.5 hours a day doesn’t give me a chance to keep active. I decided on the fitbit zip, purely because it was on offer in Currys for £40 and I didn’t need the sleep tracking features.


Just 10,000 steps a day can significantly improve your health, the fitbit shows how many steps you take, the calories burned, and distance you travelled.


It even syncs wireless to your smart phone, sadly I current have a iphone 4 and have to use the Bluetooth dongle to sync my progress to the fitbit website.


You also get free membership to the fitbit website where you can log, your food and water intake, track goals and check out the badges you have earned.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 23.19.07

The fitbit zip is very compact about discreet I attached mine to my bra.


I am very proud to see that I am a very active person who loves to explore and walk all over London. The fitbit get’s a big thumbs up from me, and I’m looking to purchase the fitbit flex soon.


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