My current skin routine

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This is my current skincare routine, once or twice a week I give myself the full facial.

I use the double cleansing method for removing foundation and dirt and grime. The first step is to use a cleansing oil. DHC will always be my holy grail, the kose one isn’t too bad and is a cheaper alternative.

Step 2 is my cleanser, if I’m wearing heavier foundation e.g liquids I would use my cleanser in conjunction to my clarisonic Mia. You be surprised how much make up is still left even from the cleansing oil step.
I’ve just discovered the la Roche posay range and I’m in love with it.

Step 3 is exfoliating, you would have seen MAC volcanic ash popped up in my monthly favourites. I like how gently exfoliates my skin and the smell is gorgeous!

Step 4 is a mask, usually I like to use my neutrogena visibly clear 2 in 1 mask. The salicylic acid contents helps fights the bacteria of spots. The beauty of this product you can also use as a daily cleanser.

Since I’ve just brought a cupcake fresh mask from lush, I’ve been currently using this instead of the neutrogena.

Step 5 moisturiser, before using the la Roche posay effaclar I’ve been using my own little moisturiser mixture. Jason’s pure vitamin e 32,000 I.u oil and jojoba oil. Together it made a perfect moisturiser that helped renew my skin. The effaclar duo is helping out with those bumpy lumpy spots I’ve been having for years. My skin is producing less oil and the lumps are going down. Yay!

What is your current skincare routine? Any holy grails?

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