Oh Pharrell! lookbook style

Pharrell Williams is one guy I idolise not only is he one sick music producer, blessed with good looks. I adore his sense of style. Wherever it’s urban street, to the impeccable tailored suits. He grabs my attention, as someone who knows how to stand out but stay true to his personal taste. Here are my favourite photos of him.

cool-trans-pharrell-williams-models-billionaire-boys-club-and-a-bathing-ape-6 pharrell-williams (1) cool-trans-pharrell-williams-models-billionaire-boys-club-and-a-bathing-ape-5 cool-trans-pharrell-williams-models-billionaire-boys-club-and-a-bathing-ape-4 cool-trans-pharrell-williams-models-billionaire-boys-club-and-a-bathing-ape-2 02m 003m 24m 26m cool-trans-pharrell-williams-models-billionaire-boys-club-and-a-bathing-ape-1-1 01f


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