Beauty hauls – Chanel | Jason | Clinique

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Ever since I starting reading the beauty corp books, I started to look for products that received the seal of approval. My blemish prone skin has calmed down a lot since I started using Bodyshop’s aloe vera range, however I noticed my skin started to look dull and lifeless. So I decided on purchasing Clinique’s mild products. It’s a shame Clinque doesn’t put out the mild toner on display, if I didn’t specifically researched and asked for it. Potential customers would not realise there was an alcohol free toner available.


JASON Fragrance Free Pure Natural Body Wash was another product with raving reviews, previously called JASON Fragrance Free Satin Shower Body Wash. This was hard to find in retails stores. Thank god I found it on feelunique!

Used this last night and “WOW” my skin is super silky smooth.


Chanel POUDRE UNIVERSELLE LIBRE loose powder, seen this in a few make up artist kits and I went to try this out at the Chanel counter over foundation this stuff is amazing! It does cost quite a bomb £34 to be exact but worth the money.


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