November favourites ɞ


  1. Bodyshop aloe vera spf moisturiser – this has been a great addition to my aloe vera wash, the only downside is that this somehow makes my foundations oxides to orange.
  2. GHD heat protection – with the party season my hair is constantly being attacked by hairdryers and heat. This stuff helps keep my style in tact; the good thing is that does not add weight to the hair.
  3. MAC brush cleanser – I use my dr bronners magic soap for deep cleansing this stuff restores the softness to my brushes.
  4. Muji eyelash refills – I made the mistake and brought cheap refills from ebay and I used them with my shu uemura curlers, those cheap refills ripped my eyelashes out, and I had to keep changing the pad every month. I happened to find these one-day in muji many months ago and stocked up.
  5. Australian bodycare tea tree oil – I use this to clean and disinfect my eye curlers

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