A week in photos

I’m now trying to start a new edition to the blog “a week in photos” my iPhone is one medium to shoot photos on the go and I have so much fun editing and sharing them on my instagram! If your on instagram my username “gloomyl”

20120429-105216 AM.jpg

20120429-105243 AM.jpg
Yummy fro yo from yoomoo, found at the supermarket!

20120429-105336 AM.jpg
An old photo from my iPhone recently used to update my profile pic on instagram!

20120429-105438 AM.jpg

20120429-105448 AM.jpg

20120429-105459 AM.jpg

20120429-105517 AM.jpg

20120429-105550 AM.jpg
A lovely meal at zizi by the riverside, in love with the teacup they served! Do check out my food blog the food connoisseur

20120429-105645 AM.jpg
A shot of canary wharf dlr station the modern day “Gotham city”


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