Fashion & Beauty Hauls {Topshop’ front cover’ Dr Bronners’ Bumble & Bumble’}


How lucky was I, to stroll into a “pop up” shop full of goodies from around the world, brought this coat for a bargain price of £20! go check out the designers website!


Brought a navy coat from topshop, it attracts so much fluff I need to find my lindt roller to remove the stuff.

White chunky cardi, i’m so into my grandad style chunky knitwear lately, I like to wear it with my colourful print dresses.

mustard scarf, I seen so many people rocking mustard yellow scarves with leather jackets, hehe I just had to have one. Picture above was my outfit today, I rocked mine with the black muubaa leather jacket

[front cover]

The one i’m missing in my makeup kit is pigments and these were half price! will play with them soon!

[Dr Bronner’s magic soap]

I’ve still yet, to finish my other bottle, but thought I stock up! It CLEANS and DISSOLVE the dirt really well, and makes a excellent cleanser for make up brushes!

[Bumble & Bumble]

I’m starting to use SLS products again, my neck didn’t go to well with it and i’ve now develop a patch of eczema, but my scalp’s fine. Bumble & bumble leaves me salon finish ready hair and doesn’t make my hair too greasy. 

I have a lot more other thing’s i’ve brought but forgot to take photograph them.  


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