[A Lush Life] – Lush Haul

I love Lush, I really do, they make my bath/shower times so much more fun and I love the skin care range.

This time round I wanted to pick up a fresh face mask as my face became more dry over the winter season plus I’m stuck under an air conditioner for most of the days.

The customer service in Lush is a 5* experience although the sales assistant with me, seems very new to company as I asked for products that sadly seem to be discontinued. *cries* I’m talking about “yummy yummy” and the coconut smoothie.

Alas a smile was brought back to my face when another sales assistant told me that in its place, (yummy yummy yummy) was the superstars bubble bar. Woohoo

The SA advised me to use cosmetic warrior for my normal to dry blemish prone skin and I also picked up the luminous POW WOW lip scrub filled with popping candy smells D-E-L-I-C-O-U-S!! As always the Lush staff gives generous samples out, the SA highly raved about “ultra bland” a oil based cleanser, I managed to buy a full size one the next day after reading all the reviews on Makeupalley



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