Alva Naturkosmetik Rhassoul Active Facial Toner and Mineral Waschcreme review

Product Name: Alva Naturkosmetik Rhassoul  Active Facial Toner and Mineral Waschcreme

Weight/Price: 100ml for £12.80 the toner 150ml for £12.80 for the balance crème

Made in: N/A

Where to buy:—oily-b150/rhassoul-mineral-wash-cream-p1229—oily-b150/rhassoul-clear-up-active-facial-tonic-p1231

Company background:

Rhassoul Mineral Wash Cream is the cornerstone of the Rhassoul organic skincare programme for problem skin, and is intended for the deep cleansing of skin pores with volcanic mineral clay. Minerals, trace elements and naturally pure essential oils support the skin during washing in the fight against pimples, blackheads and excessively oily skin.  

Courtesy of Rhassoul lava clay’s 55% silica content, this highly effective yet gentle cleansing cream is suitable for the whole body including the scalp, where it even works to prevents dandruff, reduces the inflammation and redness associated with psoriasis on the scalp, plus the mixture of pure essential oils can also assist with the treatment of head lice. 

When used as part of a cleanse, tone and moisturise skincare regime, the Rhassoul Cleansing Milk should be used to remove any make-up. The Rhassoul Mineral Wash Cream can then be used for deep cleansing of the pores before using the Rhassoul Facial Tonic, followed by either the Balance Cream or Active Cream as a moisturiser – which of these you use will depend on your specific skin type. 

Alva Rhassoul Clear-up Active Facial Tonic is an anti-bacterial facial tonic for combination skin and skin prone to blemishes.  

Purifies, refreshes, and improves the overall condition of the skin. The anti-bacterial properties of naturally pure essential oils go to work against spots as well as the bacteria that cause spots, whilst also working to help prevent further outbreaks. Rhassoul Facial Tonic delivers the required amount of moisture for skin regeneration and helps prepares the skin before applying either the Rhassoul Balance Cream or Rhassoul Active Cream.


Waschcreme Full Ingredients

aqua, volcanic mineral clay, tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, bergamot orange oil, citronella oil, ylang ylang oil, citronellol, geraniol, linalool, limonene

Active Facial Toner Full Ingredients

aqua, glycerin, natural emulsifying agent, aloe vera, sea salt, tea tree oil, licorice root extract, manuka oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, bergamot orange oil, citronella oil, ylang ylang oil, perfume, potassium sorbate, citronellol, geraniol, linalool, limonene, citral

Packaging: Comes in a recyclable plastic squeeze tube for the waschcreme and glass bottle for the toner. Instructions on how to use are clearly shown on the label.

Directions: Smooth sparingly on moist skin being careful to avoid the delicate eye area. For oily and blemished skin leave it on for 1-2 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Apply sparingly to combination skin and wash-off straight away. This can safely be used both morning and night and also works very well for the delicate decolletage area. Due to the unique way in which Rhassoul mineral clay works it will not strip the skin or hair of necessary oils; it will simply normalise oil levels. Shake well before use as the mineral clay has a tendency to settle.

Application: Apply directly to face

Results: The mineral clay cleanser, felt very soft as I applied it on my skin, the clay was velvet smooth almost like cream. The smell of tea tree was most prominent, the lavender relaxes me. I did felt a slight tingle sensation as I worked it through my face. Although I rinsed the stuff from my face there was still residue left and the toner was much needed. The toner also was prominent of the tea tree oil smell, it removed the remaining traces of the cleanser very well. After a few weeks, I started to notice my face didn’t react very well to the cleanser, I started to have white heads appearing around the mouth area and the amount of spots spreaded to other areas. So I discontinued using the cleanser, the toner worked fine on me and I have used up the whole bottle. I do feel that the toner can do with a plastic bottle instead of a glass one as it is quite heavy to travel with glass bottles.


Price: 5/5 

Quality: 4/5 
Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 3/5


 natural ingredients



made me break out



Price: 4/5 

Quality: 5/5 
Packaging: 4/5
Overall: 4/5


 light and refreshing






Would I re-purchase again? No to the cleanser, yes to the toner.


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