[finally]…New h a i r | ‘yakult concert | Canon pro event

I’ve been super busy to blog; from where I left off I’ve been attending events. At the beginning of the month I was at the Yakult concert, not alot of people would believe but as I got older I really got into classical music. The director of Yakult gave me box seats to enjoy the show. No photographs or filming was allowed so only took a empty stage.

My hair grows to thick and fast and it was time for a monthly trim, it’s hard to find a hair stylist that doesn’t get too carried away with chopping all your hair off. Sarah listened to exactly what I wanted and examined my hair at a 360o view telling me what she will be doing. A lot of weight has been cut off and I have a side fringe again. Her attention to detail was down to a par. Kudos to you!

I popped along to the Canon pro event on Tuesday; it was fun playing with all the cameras coming out soon. Makes me want to buy a SLR, but my heart is gearing towards a small powershot. There was a gallery of amazing photographer’s pictures below.






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