We all fall short

My friend wrote a song in response to the riots happening in London right now. What started as a peaceful protest manifested into something horrific in the UK to date. My friend writes a lot of Gospel songs check out his sound cloud.

We All Fall Short by ofemi


People speak about freedom this and freedom that

I don’t buy it

Especially when it’s accompanied by the sound of a gun clap,

I’ve realised that to bring change is gonna take more than words and raps

But a nation turning to their first love again

Asking forgiveness and letting His kingdom reign as it is in heaven

Speaking of Christ and not the leaven of the Pharisees that is preached while committing blatant fallacies in government seats

Blaming the younger generation but they only follow what they’ve seen

But youg’n this doesn’t let you off the hook

Cos you got your own brain

Your own ears

And own eyes to look

At our current situation

While the gospel is being spoken don’t harden your heart to what we saying

Cause tomorrow isn’t promised and now is the accepted time

So if you’re hearing this there can be no more excuses for your decline

‘Cause there is a way out that we reiterate for the billionth time

The economic and social divide is simply a by product of a fallen world that we reside in

Spiralling out of control

They ask me how to remain positive ‘cause Christ gave me hope

While I was yet in my sin

Knowing that I’m heading for heaven in these last days, some of you calling it Armageddon

I’m no Reverend but still use my life as a pulpit

To speak to the innocent and the culprits of these current riots

Looters feeding off the fat of the land like reverse diets

Aiming frustrations at people in the same boat as them

Criminal? or Victim?

We all fall short and need redemption 


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