Living Nature’s Collection Trio of Divine handmade soaps Review

Product Name: Living Nature’s Collection Trio of Divine handmade soaps

Weight/Price: 70g/2.4oz x 3 soaps for £10.72

Made in: New Zealand

Where to buy: Mypure, whole foods, feelunique

Product Description: Designed to love your skin while leaving it soft, supple and gently fragranced, these truly natural soaps combine extra virgin olive, coconut and organic palm oils, to cleanse without disrupting your skin’s natural defences. 

Each soap features gentle yet potent natural ingredients. Manuka Oil has remarkable anti-bacterial qualities while Manuka Honey is naturally nourishing and moisturizing. Kumerahou (Gum Digger’s Soap) is mother nature’s cleanser, while Calendula soothes and calms.

Pack contains 

Kumerahou & Cinnamon Soap 70g

Manuka Honey & Calendula Petal Soap 70g

Manuka Oil & Clay Soap 70g


Full Ingredients
Each soap comes with different ingredients  

Packaging: comes in a match stick style box, neatly packed. Love the packaging a bright orange box

Directions: Best to lather with a shower lily

Application: Use with a shower lily or apply to damp skin to create lather


Results: I’m in love with these soaps, I have only been using the Manuka Oil and clay one and I just love the natural fragrance. It lathers great onto the skin, leaving it silky smooth and clean. I actually prefer these soaps over shower gels now, the results is remarkable even without any moisturiser I can feel the benefits of manuka honey and extra virgin olive oil working wonders. My skin feels very nourished and glows the soap last ages it looks like I haven’t touched the soap.  


Price: 5/5 
Quality: 5/5 
Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 5/5


✓ Great smell
✓ Soft supple vibrant skin
✓ Nourishing

✗ none

Would I re-purchase again? Absolutely yes, great price for 3 soaps making then £3.50 each the pack will last me 6 months approximately. I’m stocking up!



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