New Look | Uniqlo | Kate Kanzier Haul and M&M world and MADD

After a 6 hour shopping marathon *SIGHS* still not finished my shopping list I managed to buy all of these. My feet is seriously hurting right now.

Brogues I always wanted a pair, I know I just purchased the Aldo ones a couple of weeks back, but hey I needed some flat ones. I don’t why this is the only pair that didn’t look manly on my feet, I have HUGE feet size 6.

To go with new brogues I brought these pants hehe I plan to wear it with my Topshop loose shirt I got a couple weeks back.

I’m joining Zumba dance classes very soon and needed some loose sweat pants 2 for £12.

This is my second time checking these out, at first I thought it wouldn’t look nice on, I was taken for surprise on how well tailored they look on. Love them plan to buy more “designer invitation projects” from uniqlo soon.

After my shopping marathon I thought I’d check out M&M world it’s finally arrived here in London. I was tired so browsed the shop for 20 mins pics below.

and lastly ended the day with some desserts from MADD.

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