May Favourites

So sorry this is late.

1. Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap ”Unscented baby mild” –
I’ve actually been using this product for 1.5 months and I can H O N E S T L Y say I LOVE it. It’s a 18 in 1 soap you can use it as a shampoo, toothpaste, wash your laundry, wash your pets, wash your make up brush, body wash the list goes on. What prompt me to purchase was a night a Whole Food Market I saw two ladies hoovering around the 946ml bottle saying how fantastic the product was. It was on promotion for £10.99 I didn’t buy it on the spot I went back home googled and watched youtube reviews then went back the next day. I’ve been using this as body wash and make up brush cleaner. It’s going to last me for YEARS!

2. MAC Fluidline blacktrack
Now that summer has finally hit the UK the weather is getting more humid, and you’ll need fool proof make up for the hot weather. This stuff does not budge or give me raccoon eyes.

3. Lily Lolo In the buff foundation – 
Been using this everyday I swear it has healing properties my face is almost cleared up from my hormonal spots and I can sleep in the mineral foundation without worrying that it will clog my pores. (note: I always take every single bit of make up off my face before bed) Tested when I take a few hour naps my face still looks flawless.

4. Davidoff Cool Water
 My favourite type of scents has to be light and fresh been switching it up from my usual CK one perfume.

5. Lovea  l’argan oil
 When my hair looks like crap I like to use this to boast the shine and softness.

6. White Glo Toothpaste
Yup  I’m putting this toothpaste as my favourites using in conjunction with my Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush this has been whitening my teeth.

7. Lush Charity Pot
 I just LURRVE the chocolate vanilla smell, it’s so divine I can eat the cream.


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