Major beauty haul – China glaze, Eyeko, Ignolot, Laidbare, yaby cosmetics

The beauty haul has been mounting up buying things here and there I’m a bit lazy to photoshop a montage, so here’s the single photoset.

I brought 6 new yaby eyesahdows from some of the colours looks similar to some MAC and Urban Decay shadows I own. Yaby does great shadows for around £2 each wonderful colourful pay off.

I was introduced to laidbare by a SA at waterloo bodystation, so far so good lets see how my skin looks in a month. I was sold my hormonal pain in the butt spots are slowly healing and my skin is looking more dewy ans supple already.

Excuse the used palette pic, I picked a metal palette as sometimes I do other people’s make up and wanted to be more hygienic by using a metal palette to mix foundations on.

China glaze is still one of my favourite premium nail polishes that I buy it last for weeks!


Eyeko graffiti eyeliner pen, I chucked this item in along with my Brandalley order, it is so much better then the MAC pen eyeliner. Let’s hope it dries out quickly.


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