Acorelle Hair Growth Inhibitor review

Acorelle is a French beauty brand committed to innovation and harmony, a brand that respects the body as well as the environment. Most of their products are ECO – Cert, there was two products I wanted to try from the brand. I already loved their perfumes which are made with 100% natural ingredients.

Today I will talk about the Acorelle hair growth inhibitor.

Acorelle Hair Growth Inhibitor

The hair growth inhibitor skin glorifier contains black truffle extract this stuff is expensive 1kilo of black truffle on the market is 1,000 euros. 99.74% of this product is natural and 75.93% is organic. This patented complex combines black truffle extract, recognised as a powerful hair growth inhibitor, with protein active enzymes that deliver the active ingredients into the core of the hair shaft. Regrowth is delayed and hairs are finer & fewer.In vivo tests show hair density reduced by 80% after 56 days.

It come in a pretty pale pink box with illustrations and photos of natural ingredients, the instructions was in French and English.
The product cost £14.99 for a 8ml tube from mypure

1. After hair removal apply a small amount on face

 works wonders on ingrown hair problem areas
 hair growth is finer

 pricey for small quantity

This product did the job, my hair growth was slower the hair density was finer, this worked wonders on troublesome ingrown hair areas. I saw my hair grew the next day in those particular and just plucked it out. This is a product I would consider to repurchase even with that price tag a small amount goes a long way.

❤❤❤❤ Product love rating 4/5



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