DAY 1 OF 50 DAY MAKE UP CHALLENGE – When did you start wearing make up?

Saw this challenge on beauty addict tumblr, I thought 30 days was hectic and now I’m doing 50 days but it’s all beauty and make up related!

So I hope you find it entertaining, I do not even know what the 50 questions are.


I managed to get the 50 questions!

Day 01: When did you start putting on makeup?

Day 02: How did you learn to put makeup on?


Day 3 Heavy or light make up?

 Day 04: Do you like wearing foundation? (if so, whats your color and favorite, and what tool/s do you use to apply it? brush, sponge, airbrush, etc)

 Day 05: Favorite lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner and lip balm?

Day 06: Do you like/wear false lashes? (if yes, strip or individual)

Day 07: Favorite eye shadow color?

Day 08: What’s your favorite day time look?

Day 09: Picture of your makeup collection.

Day 10: Favorite makeup brush?

Day 11: Do you like wearing bronzer?

Day 12: Favorite mascara?

Day 13: Where do you keep your makeup?

Day 14: Favorite YouTube guru(s)?

Day 15: Do you wear blush?

Day 16: Do you copy any of the celebrity’s makeup?

Day 17: Favorite makeup artist?

Day 18: What’s your favorite night time look?

Day 19: Favorite concealer?

Day 20: Favorite eyeshadow primer?

Day 21: Where do you buy your makeup at?

Day 22: Favorite toner?

Day 23: Favorite eyeshadow palette and blush palette?

Day 24: Which do you like; cream, liquid, matte, powder, sheer or shimmer eyeshadows?

Day 25: Favorite eyeliner?

Day 26: Do you wear makeup everyday?

Day 27: Favorite powder?

Day 28: Favorite makeup remover?

Day 29: Do you like wearing liquid eyeliner? (if so, what’s your favorite)

Day 30: Heavy or light makeup?

Day 31: When do you usually put on makeup?

Day 32: Do you like experimenting with makeup?

Day 33: Favorite exotic makeup look?

Day 34: Makeup look model or icon?

Day 35: What/who inspired you to love/like makeup?

Day 36: How do you organize your makeup?

Day 37: Do you wear nail polish? (yes, nail polish is still categorized as makeup)

Day 38: Favorite blush?

Day 39: Can you do your makeup professionally?

Day 40: One makeup item you wish to own?

Day 41: One makeup item you can never live without?

Day 42: Do you put makeup on other people?

Day 43: Favorite eye makeup look?

Day 44: Cream, liquid or gel liner?

Day 45: Do you spend a ton of money for makeup?

Day 46: Favorite store for makeup shopping?

Day 47: List down all the makeup stuff that you bring with you when you travel.

Day 48: A picture of your very own halloween makeup look idea.

Day 49: Picture of yourself with and without wearing makeup.

Day 50: Tips you’d give to makeup newbies. 

Day 1 – When did you start wearing make up?
I started wearing make up in my teens around 15, it was the basics of just eyeliner and mascara. Fortunately for me, my parents were very open minded and laid back and I could do anything in terms of make up looks. My sister use to experiment on me when I was a kid. I was a cherryade addict and always had these red pink lips and white porcelain skin with rosy cheeks. 


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