So sorry, I have been ill for 2 months and been awfully busy to update the month favourites. Here’s my December favourites. 

Goodthings Skincare – played a major part of me becoming more discipline in taking care of my skin and reading the beauty bible, I know learned a cleanser and muslin cloth and moisturiser is all you need to look after your skin. Unfortunately I had to stop using Goodthings during the January month, the product made my eye area red and sore giving it eczema like conditions. 

Muslin Cloth – This cloth does great wonders it gently removes the dead cells on the surface of the face without irritating the skin. From using Goodthings I learned you can use the cloth with foaming cleansers and not just cream ones. I will be popping to a fabric store soon and will report back the prices for muslin cloth per the metre.

Kiehl’s #1 lip balm – this is the only lip balm that works for me, it moisturisers my lips throughout the day, nothing else works, I’ve been a loyal user for 6 years. £10 is expensive I know.

Lily lolo – I’m a big fan of mineral foundations, it looks fantastic on camera, this stuff does not break my face out and it lasts all day.


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