Good Things Skincare Haul

Good things is a British skincare by beauty writer Alice Hart Davis the products does not contain harsh chemicals and is FREE from Parabeans, Mineral Oils, sodium laureth sulphate and animal ingrediants.

I try my best to buy natural products that does not contain the above, after months battling with the acne, I wanted to try the anti-blemish range. They call it the “blue range” to me the packaging is purple colour.

I will be writing another follow up the Lush products I recently used it cleared and killed most of the bacteria on my face.

I asked the nice people at Good things to recommend me products for my current skin condition, which is sensitive and acne prone.

I have purchased the following products from Boots:




I’m already loving the 5 minute facial face mask, I tested a small patch on my hand, after rinsing the skin looked brighter, radiant and the skin was smoother.

Will be updating how I get along with these in the next few weeks. Merry Christmas everyone, I have been over month and been super busy with my life, I will be updating more during the next few weeks.


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