Akin sandalwood & neroli pure facial cleansing gel review

For this month I was allowed to choose my own products that I wanted to test drive. The Akin cleansing gel was something I was considering to purchase last year. If you have been following me you would know I was breaking out with acne for 2-3 weeks this month. At the time I was using Liz Earle and the coco butter content was clogging the pores around the chin and forehead area. So I was looking for things to help clear up my acne. This review is based on the 3 weeks of use, as it did not clear my acne up; it actually irritated my pores more.

All akin’s products are parabean and sulphate free, the pure facial cleansing gel promises fresh vibrant skin, has a non-drying formula removes all traces of excess sebum and make up. It is suitable for normal, combination and oily skin. This product contains B5 & witch hazel, it is pure pH balanced.

Active ingredients

Witch hazel – used to treat wounds, itchy and dry skin

Neroli – is considered to have a smoothing effect for the nervous system and increase circulation


Out of all the Akin’s products I purchased and have been sent this one came boxed. It has the usual cream/beige colour with a brown orange colour for the text and an illustration of a plant on the front which is repeated on the back. The side of the box contains ingredients and directions of use.  The actual product itself comes in a squeeze tube and is 225ml in size. The product cost £13.99.

Directions of use

Use morning and night, apply a small amount to the face and décolletage, massage and rinse off. Ideal to use in the shower. Follow with your favourite A’kin moisturizer. I have notice the directions is slightly different on the box, it says follow with A’kin refreshing and smoothing toner and either A’kin anti oxidant day crème or in the evening A’kin repairing anti-oxidant night crème.

Verdict – I have used it from the end of September for about 2 weeks, and for another week after my acne started to clear up. When I first used this it did not foam on my face very well. I had to contact the A’kin Company just to double check if I was using it right. I was advised to add some water to face to help produce some foam, by the second week it foamed on my face really easy without the need of adding water.

The consistency of the gel is a rather nice smooth texture; it has a slight tint of orange colour otherwise its clear in appearance. The smell is subtle like quite musky.  After rinsing my face, it made my face feel sticky a toner is a must to get rid of the residue of the gel. My skin felt tight after I used it and at the time I used my usual boots glycerine and rosewater toner and the A’kin day and night crème. At first the spots and pores shrank and I thought the cleansing gel worked, but as the week went my face felt dry and tight so I reach out to use the A’kin rosehip & shea butter intensive moisturiser which was a big mistake as the shea butter clogged my pores.

By now my skin looked really terrible and the spots spread to more areas, and I was suffering from a spell of acne so I stopped using this product then I started the acne skin regime as posted on my blog.

As my acne started clear up I wanted to give this product a second chance, most of my acne cleared up so I managed to use this for another week.

It foamed on my skin really well, but still left my skin feeling tight after use. I introduced boots botanic pore perfecting toner after rinsing and the A’kin day and night crème and it has helped softening my face. However I have noticed more bumps and lumps on my forehead, and even saw spots with green pus inside. So I’m pretty certain there’s something in this that irritates my pores. The only good thing is that it has helped cleaned the blackheads on the nose, so I will be continuing to use it for my nose only. Other than that this product is a miss for me, I do think this will suit someone with combination/oily skin because of the gel formula and the way it leaves the skin feel tighter.

You can buy Akin sandalwood & neroli pure facial cleansing gel from mypure.



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