week 2 of acne skincare regime

It’s only been one week, and my ance has calm down tremendously, it has been reduced to small spots. I did swap some of products because of silicone ingredient in the Olay moisturiser. 

Look out for Dimethicone or methicone in ingrediants as these are silicones. Silicone sits on the skin/hair and act as fillers in skin/hair, it temporary smooths out the problems. 

Silicone is commonly found in serums, hair conditions, primers, and many others.

anyway you can see how my acne has calmed down within a week of these products http://deeliteful.tumblr.com/post/1329245690/acne-prone-skin-products

I also introduced rose hip oil and my a’kin day and night moisturiser. These products helped rejuvenated my skin. 


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