Vaseline vs shea butter experiment

Yesterday I wanted to do a experiment, I have been using shea butter to cover my feet with socks for years. It leaves me with super soft feet, I saw Emyli post about how she used Vaseline to coat her feet to keep it soft. So I thought I would use Vaseline on foot and shea butter on the other for a experiment to test which one would make my feet softer.

My usual footcare regime:

I like to soak my feet with Lush Geo Phyzz for 5 mins, it contains sea salt, and mineral rich volcanic clay. It really softens the skin on my feet prepped for the moisturizer. Lush bring back the bigger size version, the 100g is too dinky! Product cost £2.45

The shea butter product I use on my feet is L’occitane shea butter foot cream, this product contains 15% shea butter, and Lavender oil. Product cost £16.50 for 150ml.

Vaseline – 100% pure petroleum jelly I don’t remember how much I paid £1-2

Active ingredients with the products I have listed

Sea salt – is a great ingredient to soften your skin, when I had eczema when I was younger I would bath in sea salt.

Volcanic Clay – a great product to soften and purify your skin, it draws away the toxins and poison

Shea butter – rich moistenriser to nourish the skin

Lavender – used to reduce redness and irritation in the skin

Petroleum – an emollient for skin and lips

Results, so the next morning I uncovered my feet, both feet felt soft, but the shea butter one was more nourished, and right now which is 12 hours later the Vaseline foot softness has worn off. Shea butter wins, I will be purchasing the 100% pure shea butter from L’occitane when I can and will let you know my thoughts on the product.




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