Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make up review

So I managed to pick this up from Boots yesterday, abusing my friends discount and the 3 for 2 offers I managed to get 3 of them for around £4.

I was quite surprised how small the bottle was, it looked much larger in peoples blogs and videos. The bottle size is 150ml RRP£2.99, and has a dual phrase similar to Lancôme bi-facil. Sadly I sold all my bi-facil’s samples to compare with.

Active ingredientsIceland moss used for centuries for its soothing benefits. The high sugar content of the moss helps hydrate skin.

Packaging – simple bottle with a silver screw top, it reminds me of those scientific test tubes for some reason. It has a nice simple artwork sticker using the colours dark grey and green, in a see through cylinder bottle. You can see half the ingredients are made up of see through liquid and a apple green colour.

POA – 6 months

Verdict – To activate the iceland moss shake the bottle to make the two liquids join together. it is such a gentle eye remover I have used, wipes away eye make up with ease even waterproof mascara, and it did not cloud my eyes like my DHC cleansing oil. It thoroughly removed everything within seconds. It did however left a slight layer of residue but this quickly dries up within minutes, also there’s no scent to the product.

A cheap bargain eye makeup remover that does what it says on the packaging buy it!


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