Zombies vs plants talk

Rio watches me play plants vs zombies on my iphone, one day me and rio’s mum was texting each other and i didn’t answer for a while, her 5 year old Rio starts asking his mum to text me back with this

Rio: has the zombies eaten you aunty le?
me: No, I have to kill them before they eat my brains
Rio: I was joking

a few weeks later

Rio: I was talking about you the other day
me: asking his mum, the other day?
Chi: the other day to him can mean weeks ago
me: (to rio) o is it, what was you talking about?
Rio: What did i say? (he questions me about what he was talking about the other day lol)
Me: you asked about the zombies
Rio: that’s it!

the little rio always makes me laugh!


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