Day 23 – 15 facts about you.

  1. I am no4 child out of 6
  2. My arms are double jointed I can do freaky things with it
  3. I have Acrophobia, not that I’m scared of heights, I’m frightened of standing on glass floors. I get panic attacks thinking I’m going to fall down.
  4. I can write and draw with both hands
  5. I use to do ballet when I was younger, almost done the splits too
  6. I love tea, I can easily distinguish the tastes, when I was in tea palace I named the tea’s correctly by just tasting them.
  7. Me and one of my closest friend chi has been friends since we was 3, that makes it 22 years of friendship.
  8. I like to sleep on the side closest to the wall because it’s usually the darkest spot, I’m a light sleeper small amount of noise and light can keep me awake.
  9. I generate a lot of heat at night; people who sleep next to me call me a radiator!
  10. I have perfect eye vision P-0.00 
  11. I use to play the violin
  12. I get mesmerised by anyone playing the piano
  13. Hates celery with passion
  14. Has one great hidden scar underneath my bottom lip from falling of a wall chasing squirrels
  15. I love the character gloomy bear, that’s why it’s associated to some of my screen names @gloomyle


painting using my left hand


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