Day 20 – The meaning behind your blog name.

A little history about this blog this blog was started around spring this year, I was approached by a few companies to review products, I use to write reviews for other sites and get paid for them, and I really missed writing reviews. So when I was approached it gave me the push and drive to start blogging again. I was encouraged by friends to add my make up looks and tips to a site.  I decided to create a blog which i had more control over with the look and feel, and asked around for blog hosting and was recommended to tumblr by Cory. I wanted to be a beauty blogger with a difference so I mixed it up by writing reviews, putting links to inspiration art I find on the internet, putting songs I like, adding discounts, adding swatches, FOTD, NOTD and etc the only thing I’m lacking is writing about upcoming gadgets I like. 

Back to the subject I needed to pick a name suitable for my audience and it had to memorable, at the time I was using a Lush product called dee-lite which I have mention before in my April favourites post. I thought dee-lite was a cute name and it was a nice alternative to delightful, and the meaning was because a lot of people found I was a pleasant person with a charming personality. So I made up the blog name to deeliteful to be different.


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