Day 10 – A photo of your favorite place to eat.

This one has been proven difficult to choose for a food lover like me, but this restaurant was a place I kept visiting in 2009. This hidden gem is located in Farringdon, Little Bay décor seems like its Greek or Italian looking, and the atmosphere downstairs is dimmed out with candle lights. The staff is lovely I always tip them. Love this restaurant great service great food I have yet to try the buffet out.

The steaks are to DIE FOR! When I first visited beef steak was on the menu for £5.25 ridiculously cheap and it was the best steak I had, the second time I went the beef steak wasn’t so great. I think by then they have changed the chef. However a couple more visits later I saw lamb steak on the menu, which is a win win for me as I’m allergic to beef.  The portion are large and is rich in flavour, if you have any appetite left eat the desserts, I loved the pistachio one.


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