Day 7 – Your dream wedding

These blog entries are getting more personal by the day; this is just a thought of how my dream wedding should be like.  I know I’m going to be really fussy, I’m a designer and is a perfectionist that wants the best.

A fairy tale montage

I would like a really grand wedding; the venue would be quite similar to Grand Connaught rooms where I can have a banquet. Ha-ha I actually been past this place and talked about this venue with my old collegues. The venue is just amazing! Lol

The venue has palatial surroundings including elegant arched ceilings, exquisite wood panelling and crystal chandeliers.

The tables will be beautiful arranged, with the perfect flower arrangements. The food would need to be perfectly garnished and look beautiful. (joanne took your photos your brother’s wedding food just look perfectly presented)

I would like to have a live orchestra band playing classical music, or a really good pianist.

My other plan was just to elope and have a beach wedding just me and him.


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