Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date

To me it depends on who I’m seeing at the time, different personalities and interests can bring different factors for the date such as where to go and what to do.

I’m actually quite an easy going and chatty person, and I’m not really fussed with what I do for first dates what really matters is that person is good company.

I think something like going for coffee, dinner, a place that plays live piano or jazz because I find it relaxing or sitting by the river side talking makes an ideal first date.

I’m a total food junkie so good food would make me happy; the place doesn’t need to fancy. I also need to make good conversations and get to know the other person, I love active listeners you can also test them out if they paid attention to what you been saying. The one on one time is a great way to find common interests. I would also like to go somewhere I never been before or be surprised for the different experiences.

I like to keep things simple and nothing complicated, it’s really about the good company and chemistry.

30 day blog challenge


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