June Favourites


Whoops totally forgotten that i never made a june favourites post. Here is the products i have used over the month!

Mac Liquid last point black – recently found this in my make up bag, OMG how can i neglect this eyeliner, it is waterproof and smudge proof. Last for over 12 hours must have for the summer in this heat.  

Ruby and Millie C10 cream blush – cream blush last longer on the face and this shows up brilliantly in photos! 

Shiseido Mascara base – still my #1 eyelash primer, can make any mascara you use fuller and curls stay put all day.

Mac Smoulder – There are some days were i like to smudge this with a q-tip for a easy smoky eye look! 

Samy fat hair – i always use this if i want to create quiffs/poofs adds particles in the hair and makes back combing easy!

Mac mineralize foundation – i use this powder foundation in the summer gives the skin a flawless finish and picture perfect for cameras. Very light on the skin and leaves a overall glowy look.

Smith’s rosebud salve – I was originally using the EOS lip balm, after testing for 3 weeks my lips was really flaking so i had decided to switch to smith’s. Excellent lip salve lips are moisturised all day. i’m sticking to petroleum base lip balms from now on because other ingredients do not work on my lips!


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