Kosmea eighth natural wonder revitalising facial serum review

Kosmea is an Australian brand started by Marie Jenkins, she first started selling rose hip oil in 1994 and from then created other products.


I really love the box packaging as an artworker I tend to look at packaging design at work. The logo looks like a droplet and joins at the 4 corners of the box. The primary logo looks like a rose, and uses red and black, text is black and red.  

The serum is 20ml in size and comes with a pump to dispense the product. One pump is enough for the entire face. The active ingredients are rose hip, pea, hibiscus, rose wood, green tea, grapefruit and rose geranium. I think the packaging for the bottle looked really high-class with its silver lining and overall feel of the design.

Hibiscus is an alternative to botox to smooth out wrinkles and relax facial muscles. The pea extract is an antitoxic to fight free radicals and reduce wrinkles.


The consistency is very light weight and is glue like on application on the face it leaves a very sticky feeling to my face, but was immediately smoother and softer from one application. My skin instantly absorbed the product. The pump does dispense the product super quick.

I find the smell really addictive, it has a strong herbal smell which i love very natural with no artificial perfume.

Before I tested the product my skin had a few spots, with a dry complexion at the time, usually it is combination type. I am 25 with a few wrinkles around my eyes.

Week 1

I used the product in conjunction with A’kin creamy cleanser and toner, then the eighth wonder serum then the Akin night crème on top. Next day my skin was baby soft and I couldn’t stop stroking my face. After a few days the skin got use to the serum and it stopped feeling soft. I kept a diary of my skin and from day 6 white head started appearing on my chin and T-zone area. It then got worst a day after and red lumpy acne like spots appeared. I let my skin heal for 3 days without using the serum and I had to switch products skin care products.

Week 2

I started a new skin regime to clear the zits, using DHC olive set the soap, toner, then the serum and then the olive oil I found the serum worked best with the DHC olive virgin oil. Not only was my skin radiant but my face was consistently soft. 


  • Made my skin soft
  • skin was looking more radiant
  • works best with DHC olive virgin oil
  • Helped healed my spot scars


  • bad breakout during week 2 gave me alot of whiteheads and lumpy acne like spots
  • sticky feel

Overall I liked the product, i have mix feelings it was great when it worked but did gave me a bad breakout considering I was using natural skincare products to begin with I thought my face would have been use the product it maybe because it was too rich for me. I really loved how it made my face radiant my friends have commented that my face looked glowy which is a great thing. At £25 for the product I don’t think it is bad, my no7 protect and perfect cost me £20 for 30ml. The kosmea serum gives me better results. As for wrinkles the ones around my eyes was reduced using A’kin stuff and i will update this entry for when they do appear again.

You can buy the Kosmea eighth natural wonder serum from mypure

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