Akin Pure Rose Hydrating Mist review

Akin is an Australian brand launched in 2002; the products combined the latest in scientific knowledge with the best ingredients nature can supply. The ingredients are chosen for their skin friendly compatibility.

All products are free from nasty chemicals such as

  • parabens
  • mineral oils
  • silicones
  • sulfates
  • synthetic fragrances
  • artificial colours
  •  propylene glycol
  •  phthalates
  •  DEA (MEA, TEA)
  •  ethoxylated and petrochemical cleansers

The hydrating mist contains pure rose, Australian bush flower essences, aloe and vitamin B. It also contains Hyaluronic acid which helps the skin appear more plump and healthy. The Aloe gel is a great moisturiser and is great for burns.


I am no stranger to Akin products I have been using their hair care and skin care products since November 2009. On the day my package arrived the night before I was celebrating my 25th birthday, my skin was dehydrated and dry and thirsty. I sprayed the hydrating mist all over my face and it quenched my thirsty skin. The smell of the rose is very light and subtle which I love; my skin was left smoother and moisturised. The downside to the product is that the moment last only for 5 mins.


The bottle is 125ml in size and cost £12.99, which is not too bad considering the product is small and travel friendly. Comparing the hydrating mist to my Eau thermal water spray, my thermal water spray is cheaper at £5.50 however at the end of the day it is just pure water and the akin mist has other ingredients.


The colour scheme of A’kin skincare is very similar, a creamy colour with pale purple writing, the directions is very clear. The product comes in a spray pump, and distributes evenly all over the face, it cools down my face I have taken this out when it was hot over the weekend that just went.

You can buy A’kin hydrating mist from mypure



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