Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye shadow H2 review


The Shiseido Hydro-Powder eye shadow is a dewy eye cream that transform to powder on skin. This is an intense shimmery colour that can be use on its own or as a base.  The formula is crease resistant and long wearing lasting 12 hours on me.  There was no colour fading during the 12 hours I tested the product.

 Shadow on it’s own

This product shade H2 (white lights) is very unique the texture is creamy and wet, I used my finger to apply the eye shadow onto the lids and it glides easily and neatly. It reminded me of the Maybelline eye crayons from a few years ago. As you can see the eye shadow alone has tons of glitter particles that glim at all angles, and If you look closely at the colour you can see the tiny translucent glitter beams different colours.

I noticed once the eye shadow dried i tried rubbing the area on my hand and it did not budge. Only make up remover will take this off.

I like to use the eye shadow as a base, it amplifies the silver shadow that I blended on top, and leaves an amazing frost ice look. (See photo)

The packaging is elegant in a 6 glass jar, with the usual black/brown shiseido colour. 

You can purchase this product from

Disclaimer: Product was sent for review consideration

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