Naked Body care – Naked rescue argan oil & meadow foam repairing hair treatment review

repair treatment

I brought myself a sachet from Boots so I can try before I buy the full sized version it cost £1.29.

Well I seen this brand in the bathroom of my friends house and asked her if she like the products, she said the products was good. What also attracted me to the product was that it is 97% natural. Some products out claim to be natural but if you look at the ingredients it’s a different story.

So I have hair that’s past the shoulders and the ends tend to be fried and frizzy. I usually avoid hair straighteners but do blow dry my hair straight.

This product has argan oil and meadow foam, argan oil is known as the liquid gold and has a high a content of Vitamin E. Meadow foam has a lot of fatty oils that’s good for the hair.

The consistency of the product is creamy and has this medicated herbal smell that smells a bit like lavender. The instructions states to comb through hair and wrap in a warm towel for 3-5 minutes. This product really does nourish the hair without leaving the hair heavy, it brings shine back to my hair and looks very healthy.

Can’t wait to try the rest of the range out!

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