Shiseido perfect rouge PK419 Ariel lipstick and PK 304 Sakura lip liner Review

Shiseido perfect rouge has been created by the art director Dick Page the lip stick range was designed to last all day and be moisturising for the lips. The colour in the tube will be the same colour on the lips.

The naming systems for the lip shades are PK for pink, RD for red, BE for beige and etc.

As you can see from the photo, it may look like a shocking pink colour, but in fact it appears sheer on the lips. I love how the formula leaves a slight wet look to my lips almost like I have lip gloss on, this is a moisturising formula, and has the most tiniest glitter, it is not sticky and last a good few hours. The packaging will differ as the one I have is a tester one for the makeup stand.

The Shiseido smoothing lip liner in shade PK304 Sakura, outlines the lips slightly in soft strokes, it comes with an in built brush; the liner is very soft and lines the lips very easy. The colour PK304 Sakura compliments PK419 Ariel lipstick nicely.


  • Moisturising formula 
  • Does not dry lips
  • Glides on lips easily


  • The colour is very sheer takes some layering to make the colour appear on lips.
  • Lip liner appears faint on lips

Disclaimer: products were sent to me for review consideration 


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