My essential Mac brushes

I have a lot of Mac brushes and if you are new to make up and want to start buying Mac make up brushes. Here is my opinion of the best and useful ones for investment.

So where do you start with Mac brushes, the 100 number series are for the face, the 200 is for eye products and 300 for lips. All Mac brushes are hand sculptured using nickel free ferrules and birch, linden and ramin wood handles. Before you use your brushes wash and condition to stop it from shredding.

Before I use to think why spend more the £10 for an eye shadow brush, I tested a cheaper alternative but the brush never seen to pack on colour like the 239. This is a soft and dense brush to shade or blend eye shadow or emollient based products.

Similar to the 239 brush is the 217 with the white bristles, the 217 is my best friend for blending if you see this post of my Smokey eyes look. You can see how well blended the eye shadows look on me.

The 266 is a multipurpose brush for me, I like to use it for my MAC fluid line blacktrack, you can also use this to line black shadows on the eye to smoke it out and you can use it to fill eyebrows.

The 187 is a great brush to produce an airbrush effect for liquid foundations, you can use it to apply cream blushers for the cheeks too.


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