The easiyo system – Real Yogurt maker easy peesy as 1-2-3

Guess what? I brought myself one of these yesterday! An Easiyo Yogurt maker!

Look for a stockist in your country

I’m going through a detox phrase, been eating too many bad things has upset my digestive system. 

I seen one of these systems many years ago on QVC but never had the chance to buy one, I had a real sudden urge to buy one. I brought the super cute pink version, I need more live cultures in my system, and Yakult was quite expensive for me to buy weekly.

Plus I thought making fresh yogurt will be far better for me then buying shelved ones from the supermarket. The system is very easy to use, pour room temperature water halfway into the tumble, add a sachet of the yogurt then fill more water to the top. The thermal put has this baffle inside and you push that to the furthest it go then add boiling water to the top, leave it to settle in 6 hours or more and hey presto your yogurt is made. The yogurts itself taste really yummy and scrumptious and are available in many flavours. Plus you can buy the real fruit toppings to have in the yogurt. You produce 1kg of yogurt a time and it last for 2 weeks.



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