DHC deep cleansing oil review

Listen to my review on audio

I have been using DHC cleansing oil for 3 years, this is my HG makeup remover, and nothing else works better. Previously I was using Johnson & Johnson 3 in 1 cleanser but for the days that I wear heavier make up it took a lot of rubbing to budge waterproof mascara, resulting in me having sore eyes. My sister received a sample of the 4-step skin care 3 years ago. I took my chance and ordered a catalogue to receive my 4-step samples.

DHC is a mail order company that started in Japan, and then it expanded to online and eventually worldwide.  Double cleansing is very popular in Japan, step one is to use something milky to deep cleanse, then use a soap, toner and moisturiser.

The consistency of the oil is quite thin, with a golden yellow colour, the smell is a bit like gas, I try not to inhale the oil because I dislike the smell, and I either use a cotton wall pad for eye makeup removal or use my hands for all over face cleansing. Upon rinsing the product off my skin is left feeling softer and looking more radiant and glowing. The cleansing oil melts away my make up with ease and all traces are gone. From past experience I still use to have mascara stuck on my lashes no matter how many times I tried to use a cleanser to remove.

DHC has made their packaging pretty simple, a see through bottle with the text embossed onto the bottle, using their corporate colours which are a reflex blue, black and white.

The pump makes it handy to pump out small amounts and it is very hygienic, a bottle of 200ml usually last me 6 months or more.

You can purchase DHC products from http://www.dhcuk.co.uk; I will review the essentials olive 4 steps set soon.

disclaimer:  products were purchased by me


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