Skin food Gingko green BB cream review

skinfood bb cream

You can find more information on their official English website I can’t wait to try out their range of masks.

I heard a lot about BB creams last year and I wanted to know what the hype was all about. So I got myself the Skin food Gingko green BB cream shade #2 (which is the darkest for red undertone skin). 

BB: stands for blemish balm

The cream was developed to help heal scars as well as coverage foundation for the face. The back has part English and Korean information, it has gingko and green tea extracts with vitamin B.

Directions: Apply using fingers, in order, to cheeks, nose, jaw, and then forehead. Spread thinly by patting with fingers.

I have found the product too light for my skin tone, in comparison I am a NC35-nc37 in Mac cosmetics. Coverage is very sheer if you like your coverage to be light to medium then you will like this product, it smells like sudocrem, which is an antiseptic healing cream. It really looks smooth on my skin; if only my skin was lighter I would be using this product more often.

Packaging:  I love the packaging; it’s a squeeze tube with a screw top. The labels are stickers with green text on a yellow sticker for the back with product info, the front is embossed in gold where the brand is and what looks like an angel and the ‘gingko green bb cream’.

Disclaimer: This product was brought with my own money 


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